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This project includes stitchery with a lovely colouring technique from Crabapplehill Studios. See their website for a great video on this technique.

Nivelda Fifflestitch was recruited to advertise the opening of the quilt show and she's doing a great job - as long as she can stay airborne.

Appelonia Fifflestitch is a bit of a free spirit! I hope she doesn't get hung up in the clotheslines hung with quilts on her way down. Yes, it's happened before.

Monthly price includes the patterns for each block plus the finishing instructions for the kit, Lecien Cosmo embroidery threads and sparkling Nishikiito and Shabon Dama threads plus high quality quilters' muslin fabric for the embroidery blocks and stabiliser.

We can supply the fabrics to complete the quilt - or use up your stash.

Quilt measures 75-1/2in x 81-1/2in.

Stitchwitch Spellbinders is going to be such a lot of fun  This is a 9 month programme.