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Some of the more frequently asked questions:

Our Address is 50a Queen St in Masterton. It is on the north end of town. If you find the library, walk down the lane to the north and you will see the shop. 

What is a Fat Quarter?
A fat quarter is 1/2 meter wide and 1/2 of the width of the fabric.

How wide is fabric?
The fabrics we stock is between 42 to 44 inches wide. This will depend on the manufacturer. We also stock extra wide Backing fabrics - about 2.7 meters wide.

How much fabric does a quilt use?
This is the great mystery. The amount will depend on a lot of factors, size, different colors. We will help you figure out what and how much you need.

What is a repeat?
Some fabrics with a pattern, will repeat after a certain length. Each of these is called a repeat.

What is the difference between Quilters grade fabrics and discount store fabrics?
Premium brands start with a high quality greige (gray) stock. They have a higher thread count. Higher thread counts produce a longer fabric life and better printing definition. The finish is typically of a higher quality. They also make use of a higher number of colour screens when printing which allows for more complex engravings, using slower and more exacting flat bed presses. Once printed they are finished to set the colours. Premium brands are finished with a more complex process which allows for a silken hand of quilters' grade fabrics. This also produces a superior colour fastness.

Why label quilts?
Once a quilt leaves your studio, it could attract a lot of attention. Without a label, it cannot speak about where it came from. If your quilt gets lost, it is much easier with a label to find its way home. Most importantly, a great majority of quilts are made for someone. that someone would love to remember who itwas that created a beautiful quilt for them.

What is a quilt guild?
A quilt guild is a organization of people who are interested in quilting. The members are of varying levels of skills and ability. The common ground is a love of the art and a passion to share that art with others. Each guild is different holding days for stitching, organization meetings, exhibitions, quilting for charity, etc. Look for one in your area.