Countdown to Christmas!

Make the most of our amazing offers throughout December. We will be sending out an email each day with the Countdown to Christmas offer.

Each week there will be an offer every day, which will be active until the next newsletter day (Thursday).

You can combine orders from one week's offers to save on postage - here's how:

1. Place an order for each item and choose PICK UP as the delivery method.

2. Add a note to your orders to say you are (or might be) combining deliveries.

3. After the offer expiry day, we will send you an invoice for the postage.

4. Once you have paid the postage amount we will ship your orders.

Note - we cannot combine orders across weeks - each set of orders must be completed by the Thursday night.


Note: We will be closed from December  24th until January 4th. Orders received during the holidays will be shipped as soon as possible after our return.







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